Facilities Management Vehicle Services

Facilities Management offers vehicle services for the campus community, including the rental of campus pool vehicles and the scheduling of Enterprise Rent-A-Car vehicles. We also provide vehicle maintenance and State reporting services for all campus vehicles.

Before reserving a vehicle, you will need to have satisfactorily completed the Defensive Driver training for students, faculty & staff and be aware of all CSU (pdf) and HSU Travel Policies, as well as the CSU Guidelines for Use of University & Private Vehicles (pdf).

 Pool Vehicle Rental Services

Facilities Management coordinates rental of pool vehicles, including buses, a 15 passenger van and a truck. All vehicles are rented by the mile. The buses and the van must be driven by a University driver, so additional hourly charges will apply to these vehicles. Please contact Facilities Management for the current fees associated with these rentals at 707-826-3646.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car Services

Under the state contracted rates (effective 3/1/16) university employees can rent vehicles for business travel. Charges for the rental vehicle will be billed directly to the campus. You are required to provide a travel authorization number when booking a rental vehicle.

If you would like to book a car rental direct from Enterprise or through the University designated travel providers, please see the Humboldt State University Travel Website.

If you would like to pick-up and drop-off a rental vehicle from the Facilities Management parking lot for business travel or field trips, we can arrange these rentals for you. Please be aware that when Facilities Management arranges these rentals, you will be charged from the date of pick up to the date it is back in the Enterprise parking lot. This means that if you bring the car back to our lot on a Saturday, you will still continue to be charged until the following Monday.

FM University Vehicle Maintenance Services

Facilities Management is responsible for maintaining vehicles, recording services and reporting to appropriate state agencies for all University vehicles.  University, Department vehicles are scheduled for preventative maintenance when appropriate, which is performed in the Facilties Management auto shop. To request additional services, please submit a customer service request and you will be contacted for scheduling.