Sustainability: Alternative Transportation

Alternative Transportation

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  • Bus Pass: Utilize the HSU Jack Pass program by simply swiping your student ID card. Faculty & Staff may purchase a pass for $60 during the semester.
  • Bike share: Zagster Bike share is a convenient, cheap and fun transportation option for getting around campus and town. 
  • Bike Maintenance: The Bicycle Learning Center is a volunteer-run bike shop and club. They provide tools, books, and knowledge to help you learn how to repair and maintain your bike.
  • Car share: Zipcar gives you self-service access to cars 24/7, with low hourly and daily rates that include gas and insurance. 
  • Carpool: With Zimride, you can find Humboldt State friends, classmates, and coworkers going the same way you are. With the HSU Carpool Incentive Program, receive a Carpool Preferential Parking Permit for the day.
  • Travel out of town during breaks: The Homeward Bound Bus Charter Program provides students with discounted round-trip transportation from Arcata directly to San Francisco or Los Angeles. 

And, check out this film about alternative transportation options at HSU, made by students in FILM 477:

 Students on bikes

Two students on bikes at HSU.