Building Coordinators

Facilities Management is responsible for overseeing the Building Coordinator List for the campus.  To do so, we collaborate with the Vice Presidents and Provost annually to appoint Building Coordinators. Building Coordinators are responsible to:

1.       Notify the University Police of any existing disturbance or conditions which might develop into a disturbance and which may require assistance to resolve.

2.       Ensure hallways and corridors are kept free of obstruction of any kind which could create an egress or safety issue in the event of a fire or other emergency.  Report violations of such to Facilities Management to be resolved as necessary.

3.       Ensure visual materials (such as artwork, posters, bulletin boards, etc.,) displayed within the building/facility have been approved for display under other University policy and/or procedure.

4.       Communicate normal operating days/hours for buildings and/or areas under your jurisdiction to assist Facilities Management with determining the building entry access schedule (i.e., days/times when doors will be locked/unlocked). File requests for exceptions to the approved entry access schedule with Facilities Management, Room Reservations and the Campus Events Office.  NOTE:  Requests associated with Housing facilities shall be directed to Housing.

5.       Authorize Facilities Management to issue keys for exterior and interior doors for those buildings and/or areas under your jurisdiction.  NOTE:  Requests for keys/access to Housing facilities should be directed to Housing.

6.       Initiate maintenance and operational service requests with Facilities Management for those services required to ensure the building/facility is maintained in a proper state of safety, repair and cleanliness.  NOTE:  Requests associated with Housing facilities shall be directed to Housing.

7.       Inform building occupants and other constituents of pending events and activities which may impact normal building schedules and operations.  Ensure such information is also communicated to Facilities Management so that services can be tailored to take place in/around such events.  NOTE:  Information associated with events in Housing facilities shall be directed to Housing.