Request Guide

Facilities Management strives to provide expert maintenance services to Humboldt State University. Our Customer Service Center is the primary contact to report emergency or maintenance requests.

Please use the contact information below to reach the Customer Service Center, or submit a request online

Phone: 707-826-4475


Need help submitting a Customer Service Request?

What we do: 

  • Our Customer Service Center (CSC) is the service connection point for all facilities-related requests and inquiries. CSC handles all inquiries for facility-related emergencies, maintenance work, repairs, custodial, landscaping, pest control, temperature issues, and moving. 

Who we are:

  • Customer Service Center Staff serves as a point of contact to report billable and non-billable maintenance services either on-line or over the phone
  • Facilities Management Front Desk Staff provides help with everyday questions regarding Facilities Managment, as well as scheduling of fleet services 
  • Facilities Management Business Support Staff enables our crews to do work necessary to keep the campus operational and beautiful 

Useful information:

Facilities Management will be participating in the HSU Fiscal Sustainability Plan from 4/30/20 onward. As part of this effort, all current Work Orders in the system will be evaluated against the primary essential functions defined for Facilities Management (see flow chart below). Those work orders deemed non-essential at this time will be moved into a HOLD status until a future date when either more resources are available or their necessity is elevated. All future work requests will also be evaluated against this set of criteria and either placed on hold or processed as a work order to be completed as normal. Thank you for your patience as we work through this COVID-19 environment.

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