University Space and Facilities Advisory Committee (USFAC)

Announcement: Spring 2019 Request for Proposals - University Space Available for Re-Allocation

NOTE: The due-date for Department-level submissions is 3/22/19. The Formal Request for Proposals had misleading information and has since been corrected (see updated link below). All Timelines will follow this schematic:

Pursuant to the University Space Management Policy P15-03 section II.B. “Allocation of Vacated Space”, the University Space and Facilities Advisory Committee (USFAC) is responsible for re-allocation of vacated space on campus. With the elimination of the football program, an assortment of space in the Recreation Wellness Center (RWC) and Forbes Gymnasium (FGYM) buildings allocated to Athletics and assigned to the football program will be vacated as of May 23, 2019. As such, the USFAC is evaluating how this space may be re-allocated. To support this effort, the USFAC is issuing a Request for Proposals to inform the committee of possible re-allocation actions. 

Request for Proposal Documents

All Proposals should be submitted for initial review by 11:59PM on 3/22/19 via the Space Request Form, linked above.


USFAC Charge: Subcommittee to the URPC - To act as an advisory body to Administrative Affairs regarding the development and management of the physical environment of the campus where function, aesthetic quality, and physical character are intermixed to create a desirable and inspirational atmosphere for students, faculty and staff.  Includes, but may not be limited to, the assignment of space, building and renovation plans, campus planning and design standards, and the prioritization of minor and major capital requests. 

Reports to: This working group is advisory in nature to Administrative Affairs.  Work done at this level will be utilized to develop recommendations (associated with those areas noted above) to the University Resource & Planning Committee (URPC) for action.

Term & Appointment: Annually

Meeting Schedule: At least once monthly with additional meetings as determined by the Chair. 


Position Name Term
Vice President Administrative Affairs  Douglas Dawes


Associate Vice President, Facilities Management Jeanne Rynne Ongoing
Director of Sustainability  TC Comet Ongoing 
Executive Director, University Center Dave Nakamura Ongoing 
Director of Academic Resources, Interim

Holly Martel

College Dean as Appointed by the Provost Dale Oliver FY1819
Student Affairs & Enrollment Management Represented as Appointed by the VP of Enrollment Management & Student Affairs Steve St. Onge FY1819
Information Technology Services Representative as Appointed by the Chief Information Officer Josh Callahan  FY1819
URPC Rep & Faculty Representative as Appointed by URPC James Woglom FY1819
Faculty Representative as Appointed by the University Senate Genevieve Marchand FY1819
University Advancement Representative as Appointed by the VP for University Advancement  Kristen Gould  FY1819
President's Division Representative as Appointed by the University President Duncan Robins FY1819
Student Representative as Appointed by Associated Students Kyleigh Becker FY1819
Student Representative as Appointed by Associated Students Diana Lopez FY1819
Staff (non-voting)
Facilities Maintenance Manager, Facilities Management Randy Davis Ongoing 
Director, Planning, Design, & Construction, Facilities Management  Michael Fisher Ongoing 
Academic Scheduler, Registrar  Bella Gray Ongoing 
Special Projects Leader & Principal Analyst, Facilities Management  Elizabeth Whitchurch Ongoing


 Agendas & Meeting Minutes