Capital Projects

A Project is defined as a land acquisition or improvement, new construction, addition, alteration, or betterment of existing buildings, hardscape, landscape, and infrastructure on the physical campus as well as other properties owned or leased by the University where at least two of the following criteria are met:

  • The Minimum Cost has been established as not less than $15,000.
  • A Change in Space Type or Function defined as one in which the proposed usage following completion of the proposed scope of work is different from that for which the space was previoused used.
  • Complexity of the Proposed Scope defined as scope that requires the application of regulatory compliance as well as campus  and California State University requirements. 
  • Change in Physical Interior or Exterior Layout which includes adding, subtracting or otherwise modifying the existing square footage of a space or structre.
  • Land Acquisitions are automatically considered to be a Project regardless of the ability to meet the criteria noted above.

For more detailed descriptions of project classification requirements, please refer to the HSU Facilities Management Project Definition guidelines.

Major Capital Projects

 Capital outlay projects for which the estimated costs exceed $656,000 (per SUAM Section 9701.01, as revised in CM 16-02 R) are considered major projects. In addition, all new facilities, land acquisitions, and projects which increase the existing footprint of a building, regardless of cost, are major capital projects.

Active Projects:

Completed Major Capital Projects - coming soon

 Minor Capital Projects

Projects that correct deficiencies, provide new or improved facilities, or provide equipment for new or improved facilities and are estimated to cost less than $656,000 (as seen above)

Active Projects:

  • CHC006: Childrens Center Infant Yard
  • XHF017: SERC Solar Array
  • XHF019: CCAT Boiler Replacement
  • XHF022: Housing Exterior LED Lighting
  • XHF024: Music/Art LED Lighting
  • XHS412: JGC 1st Floor Recreation Room Renovation
  • XPK107: Replace Pedestrian Lighting
  • XPL176: Energy Efficiency Water Meters
  • XPL187: Fire Alarm Replacement
  • XPL188: Building Controls System Replacement - Phase 1& 2*
  • XPL189: Elevator System Replacement - Phase 1 & 2*
  • XPL194: Energy Information System Metering
  • XPL195: B Street Booster Pump Installation
  • XPL205: Building Entry & Security Replacement
  • XPL217: Library Center for Teaching & Learning - Phase 3
  • XPL218: Facilities Management Warehouse Relocation
  • XPL219: Wildlife Roof Replacement
  • XPL220: Library Special Collections
  • XPL222: Campus Apartments DM - Entry Accessibility Improvements
  • XUC002: Windows Kitchen Flooring Replacement & Dishwasher Modification
  • XPL***: Fulkerson Hall Bench Replacement
  • XPL***: Lancaster Memorial Seating Area 
  • XPL***: Science B Biology Core Fume Hood & Snorkel Modifications
  • XPL***: Water Conservation & Metering

Completed Minor Capital Projects - coming soon