When disposing of an S-tagged item, or furniture, or anything that could potentially go to surplus, please follow these simple rules
  1. If the item is S-tagged and contains a hard drive (like a laptop, aka "Secure E-Waste"), put in an ITS help ticket for disposal.
  2. If the item is S-tagged and does not contain a hard drive (i.e. a TV) submit a disposal request directly to the Campus Asset group via the SC Logic webform.
  3. If the item does not have an S-tag, and you think it still has useful life left, please put in an FM work request and indicate what the item is and that it should be picked up and taken to surplus.
  4. If the item does not have an S-tag, and you think it is garbage to be taken to the landfill or recycled, please put in an FM work request to pick up and note that it will be disposed of.
Campus E-Waste Disposal Locations for Non-S Tagged item
  • BSS - outside the Native American Forum near the other recycling/garbage bins
  • FH - 1st floor just inside the main entrance - stacked cubby
  • FM - Recycling Office and Warehouse - buckets
  • GH - Hallway second floor near room 218 - stacked cubby
  • JGC - Loading docs - big handmade box
  • JGC - 3rd floor inside near the info desk - blue bin
  • LIB - just inside the front lobby - stacked cubby
  • NR - 1st floor just inside front door - stacked cubby
  • SAC - 2nd floor near info desk - stacked cubby 
  • SBS - Just outside UPD, near other trash/recycling bins - blue bin
  • SCIB - Just outside the main entrance - blue bin
  • SH - Just outside the entrance near HR office - blue bin
  • VMH - Top of the stairs second floor - Green bin