Standard Operating Procedures

Facilities Management Standard Operating Procedures 

Standard Operating Procedures  Date Adopted
FM001-190508 Call Out Procedure 05/08/2019
FM002-140630 Response to Safety Letters of Recommendation 06/30/2014
FM003-140826 Radio Communications Protocol 08/26/2014
FM004-141118 SFM Special Event Permits 11/18/2014
FM006-170310 Classroom Furniture Placement 03/10/2017
FSS001-170310 Recruitment of Personnel 03/10/2017
FSS002-191004 Leave Requests & Absence Reporting 10/04/2019
FSS003-190221 Authorization of OT 02/21/2019
FSS004-130717 Special Event Support 07/17/2013
FSS005-160402 Common Calendar of Attendance 04/02/2016
FSS006-130829 Facilities Management Employee Roster 08/29/2013
FSS007- 130930 Employee Photos & Bulletin Board 09/30/2013
FSS008-181012 Use of Blanket Purchase Orders 10/12/2018
FSS009-131113 Warehouse Self Service 11/13/2013
FSS010-131113 Adding Warehouse Items 11/13/2013
FSS011-131120 PM Work Order Development & Processing 11/20/2013
FSS012-131120 Work Order Year End Processing 11/20/2013
FSS013-160402 Reimbursements Associated with Work Hours 04/02/2016
FSS014-160402 Timekeeping & Electronic Absence Mgt 04/02/2016
FSS015-180510 Reserving FM Conference Room 05/10/2018
FSS016-170905 Invoice Approval


FSS017-200210 Dock Status (Unpaid Leave)


PD001-131017 Campus Approved Projects 01/17/2013
PD002-170317 FacilitiesLink User Templates & Access 03/17/2017
PD003-150224 FacilitiesLink Custom User Group Set Up 02/24/2015
PD004-151006 Implement Space Mgt Policy 10/06/2015
PO001-170326 Contracting Out Notification 03/26/2017
PO002-140521 Coverage of 601 603 During Meal Periods 05/21/2014
PO003-140630 Driver Scheduling for Pool Vehicles 06/30/2014
PO004-160210 Elevator Repair Call Response Protocol 02/10/2016
PO005-140826 Utility Locate Requests 08/26/2014
PO006-141013 Use of Propane Tanks 10/13/2014
PO007-151113 Pool Backwash Procedure 11/13/2015
PO009-170311 Fire Extinguisher Inspection 03/11/2017
SUS001-150421 Field Closure 04/21/2015