Furniture or Equipment Pre-Approval for Contracts & Procurement

Please submit furniture requests via the Service Request link. To expedite your approval,
please include the following information:

  • A simple statement, such as: I am requesting approval for furniture/equipment per Contracts & Procurement requirements.
  • Building and Room Number where this new furniture/equipment will reside
  • Type of furniture (Table, Chair, Fume Hood, etc.)
  • Location in the room where this item will go
  • A cut sheet or web address that has all product information and an image of the item, if possible

Campus policy requires that all furniture and equipment purchases must be pre-approved by
Facilities Management to ensure that your facility, or location, is equipped to receive it, and that
it is compatible with State and University standards for fire code regulations, accessibility/egress
regulations, energy use and aesthetics. In some cases, we may be able to get a better price, or
we may recommend a better quality furniture that has a proven track record. Other instances
may require that we upgrade electrical, plumbing or life/safety equipment.

If Facilities Management has questions, we will contact you to ensure that we fully understand
your request, and/or that all options are considered. Once approved, you will receive an email
that you will attach to your purchase request to Contracts & Procurement.