FM Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Service Questions

Customer Service Questions

1. Should I call Facilities Management Customer Service or submit a Customer Service Request?

Please call Facilities Management Customer Service at x4475 if there is an issue that constitutes an immediate risk to environment, equipment, or systems. For all other requests please submit a Customer Service Request. 

2. How are service requests prioritized?

Service requests are prioritized by urgency. 

3. How do I request help to move furniture?

Please submit a Customer Service Request with the following information: location to location, what piece(s) of furniture you need to be moved, if items need to be disassembled or removed from a wall, and desired move dates. 

Key/Access Card Questions

Key/Access Card Questions

1. Do you have my key and/or access card?

You will receive an email when your key and/or access card is ready for pick up. Keys and access cards may be picked up at Facilities Management. Only the individual assigned on the authorization form can pick keys with a valid Humboldt photo ID.

2. Can you let me into a building?

If you are student and need access to a room please find the Admin Support Coordinator or Admin Support Assistant of the department to open the door. If you are a staff or faculty member locked out of your office or classroom please check with your Department first. If they are unable to unlock the door for you please call FM Customer Services at x4475.  

3. How do I request a new key and/or access card?

Key and access cards can be requested for staff, faculty, and students by using the Key & Key Card Request Form. Take a look at our Key Request Process Guide for helpful information on completing the Key & Key Card Request Form. 

4. Why is my access card not opening my door?

If your access card is not opening a door, it is possible that you do not have access to this room or your card has been canceled or has expired. Please call the Facilities Management front desk at x3646 to determine if your card is inactive. 

5. When reporting a key/access card problem, please provide the following information:

Name and Humboldt ID number of the card holder experiencing the problem, Building and room number where the problem has occurred, nature of the problem, time and date the problem was noticed.

6. How long does it take for a hard key or access card to be made?

Once Facilities receives a key or access card request it takes approximately 48 hours to be completed. During busy times, such as the beginning of a semester, it may take longer.

7. How do I renew my access card?

In order to “renew” an access card, you must submit a Key & Key Card Request Form. Your previous card will not be updated. You will pick up your new access card at Facilities Management.

Old access cards should be returned to the FM front desk or sent to Facilities Management through campus mail.

General Questions

General Questions

1. Is Facilities Management the same as Plant Operations?

Yes! Facilities Management is the same as Plant Operations. All CSU’s were required to rename their Plant Operations to “Facilities Management”. 

2. How many phone calls does Facilities Management usually get?

 Facilities Management usually receives an average of around 100 calls or more per day. 

3. Where can I find floor plans?

Floor plans can be found on FacilitiesLink

Vehicle Questions

Vehicle Questions

1. How do I request a rental vehicle or bus?

A rental vehicle or bus can be requested for use for university business. Please complete a Pool Vehicle Request Form.

2. How do I determine rental vehicle or pool vehicle costs?

 To get current rental vehicle and/or pool vehicle rates, please email


Event Support Questions

Event Support Questions

 1. Must I notify Facilities Management if I am holding an event on campus?

Yes. Please submit a Facilities Event Form two weeks or more before the event. If you are an off campus entity and would like to hold your event on campus please contact the Conference & Event Services office directly.