"The Cal Poly Humboldt campus acts as a living laboratory for classes and students to learn and explore the natural world around them. Plant taxonomy classes have written species identification walks on the campus because of the University's illustrious collection of plant species from all over the world. Cal Poly Humboldt’s Dennis K. Walker Greenhouse boasts one of the largest teaching collections of living plants in California with over 1,000 species of plants in 187 families. The university is known for its iconic campus, and as such, the grounds team is held to a high standard of excellence. Landscaping at Cal Poly Humboldt enhances all campus spaces and connections with well-maintained beds and turf. Campus plantings play a critical supporting role in shaping successful campus spaces and connections; the health, performance, and maintenance level of those plantings and lawns are essential to providing the Humboldt campus with a high-quality image that is reflective of the rich natural environment the campus is situated in. Humboldt Facilities Management department, contractors, and other partners within the University community work in collaboration to strive for the implementation of environmental best practices on Cal Poly Humboldt campus properties." - 2022 Landscape Management Plan

During the Spring 2022 semester, a Senior Environmental Science & Management student (Sara Bandali) took on the task of formally documenting the Landscape Management Plan currently in place on the Cal Poly Humboldt Campus. This document is in the final stages of review/edit and will be published here on the Facilities Management website sometime during the Fall 2022 semester. In brief, this document outlines areas on our campus and the details of the routine maintenance strategies for these areas, including turf (synthetic & natural), shrub, tree, bed, parking lot, irrigation and other infrastructure activities. 

In addition, we have recently completed our first formalized Shared Maintenance and Comanagement Agreement for Outside space allocated to a specific Department and/or Program. The Food Sovereignty Lab & Traditional Ecological Knowledges Institute agreement for space surrounding the Behavioral & Social Sciences Building on the main Cal Poly Humboldt campus may be found here.