During the Spring 2022 semester, a Senior Environmental Science & Management student (Sara Bandali) took on the task of formally documenting the Landscape Management Plan currently in place on the Cal Poly Humboldt Campus. With the help of the FM Sustainability department, FM Grounds department, and the FM Planning Department. These teams spent many hours pulling together content and formatting to produce this publication. This document may be viewed online here or downloaded as a PDF here. We are excited to have this document to reflect the current point of development for our landscaping practices. These practices will be reviewed annually and updated as needed to accurately reflect current practices in the Cal Poly Humboldt Grounds Shop.

In addition, we completed the first formalized Shared Maintenance and Comanagement Agreement for Outside space allocated to a specific Department and/or Program. The Food Sovereignty Lab & Traditional Ecological Knowledges Institute agreement for space surrounding the Behavioral & Social Sciences Building on the main Cal Poly Humboldt campus may be found here.



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