Welcome to Facilities Management

Spring Workorder Closeout

All billable work orders will be billed out in May/June for work done this fiscal year. If jobs are not complete by May 6, we will bill out the charges incurred to that point in this fiscal year, and any charges incurred after May 6 will be billed to departments in the next fiscal year (FY 22/23). If you have time-sensitive billable work orders that must be completed and billed out before the end of the current fiscal year, please contact our Customer Service Center at 707-826-4475 directly for further discussion. Please try to have your work order number in-hand when you call.

New requests for Facilities Management services submitted between May 2nd and June 30th will be put on hold until July 1st, 2022, at the earliest. All of these “on-hold” work requests will be tagged with “FY22-23” in the work order title, and scheduled to begin sometime after July 1, 2022, as resources allow. If there are circumstances requiring work completed this fiscal year, please make that clear in the request title and/or contact our Customer Service Center at 707-826-4475 directly for further discussion.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as Facilities Management catches up on the currently scheduled work and critical deferred maintenance on our campus.

 Facilities Management has a new Work Order Management System as of 7/1/21. 

Thank you for your patience. If there are any issues, please contact our front desk at x3646. As always, submit your work request by clicking on the "Submit a Work Request" link in the quick menu to the right.  

FM Cost Recovery Policy Update for Campus Chargebacks

The Facilities Management Cost Recovery Policy was revised, adopted by the University Senate, and signed by President Jackson in July 2021. This was in accordance with direction from Cal Poly Humboldt Leadership to reduce the number of internal chargebacks across campus. The non-billable services you've come to expect from FM are still the same, but this philosophy has been extended to include other routine work to maintain and support state owned facilities and assets as nonbillable too. Please see the Policy on the Cal Poly Humboldt Policy page, or call x4475 or email fmservice@humboldt.edu if you have questions.

Keys and Building Access

Spring 2022 Building hours are found here. Access to locked buildings is possible if you have a key. It is the responsibility of every keyholder not to let anyone without building access to enter a closed building. Exterior doors should never be propped open.

Process for Staff and Faculty Leaving Employment with Humboldt: Please remember to send an email to Facility Management Keys at fmkeys@humboldt.edu at least 24 hours before your separating date. Facilities will then send you an email listing all hard keys and keycards that are still issued to you for your reference and work with you to schedule a day to return your keys to the Cashier's Office.


Important Information


  1. Regular mail distribution will resume to campus upon the start of face-to-face classes 7/7/21.
  2. Key requests are being processed as quickly as possible. We are experienced high volume of request as we repopulate, and we have recently upgraded our exterior card readers as well as our key request software. We are making every effort to fill key requests within 5-8 business days. Thank you for understanding and patience!
  3. Please note the building hours referenced above. These went into effect starting 8/16/21.
  4. Any requests for face coverings, hand sanitizer, and/or wipes should be made as a work request to Facilities Management (see link to the right).


 If you have questions, please contact our Customer Service Center via fmservice@humboldt.edu or call 707-826-3646 M-F, 8am-4:30pm. We are in the office!