Construction Management

Working in conjunction with the Planning and Design units, Construction Management (CM) is responsible for the development, enhancement, and preservation of the physical spaces of the campus. Throughout the construction phases, projects are managed to ensure that health, safety, regulatory, and code compliance with all applicable local, state and federal regulations regarding construction are met. CM represent the interests of the campus community, working with the CSU office of Capital Planning, Design, and Construction (CPDC), state, and local agencies to coordinate and manage major and minor capital projects, repairs, and maintenance. 
Construction Management services include: 
  • Bidding and contracting 
  • Construction Inspections 
  • Project management through and after the construction phase for:
    • Minor Capital Outlay Projects- Projects that correct deficiencies, provide new or improved facilities, or provide equipment for new or improved facilities and are estimated to cost $634,000 or less (as of 1/30/14) per SUAM Section 9701.01.
    • Major Capital Outlay Projects- Capital outlay projects for which the estimated costs exceed the vaule of a minor capital outlay project (see SUAM section 9701.01, $634,000 as of 1/30/14) are considered major projects. State site acquisition projects regardless of amount, are funded in major capital outlay.
    • ​Maintenance and repair projects
    • Job Order Contracts (JOC) Projects
    • Emergency Construction Projects 
  • Project closeout
  • Construction Warranty Claims