Lockshop & Keys

The Facilities Management Lockshop is responsible for issuing and tracking all University keys and access cards, installing and maintaining all door hardware, and programming access to doors controlled by the Card Access system.

Key and Access Card Requests

Campus keys and access cards are authorized through the proper department/administrative head with additional approval of the appropriate building coordinator. If you need access to a room, please go to your department coordinator for assistance
Department Coordinators / Supervisors: 
Hard Key requests - must be submitted through the Key Authorization form, which you can get from Facilities Management. 
Access card requests - can be submitted using the Card Authorization Form or by the appropriate faculty/supervisor submitting an email to cardsnow@humboldt.edu or using our Key Request Webform. Please be sure to include the following information about the person who will be responsible for the key:
  • Last Name, First Name
  • HSU ID #
  • Access Card Template
  • Expiration Date (maximum 3 years from date of creation)
  • Additional (non-template) room numbers for the Personal Locking Plan specifying whether the key holder will have ownership, the ability to leave a door unlocked and/or to lock it by double dipping
  • Additional Doors Expiration Date if different from card expiration date:

Picking Up Keys & Access Cards

Keys and access cards may be picked up at Facilities Management, Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm. For the safety of the campus community, only the individual assigned on the authorization form can pick up the key or access card and must provide a valid photo ID.

Lost or Stolen Keys 

If you have lost a key or access card, or suspect it has been stolen, please report it immediately by completing a Lost Key Report at Facilities Management.

If you have a question, please view the Frequenly Asked Questions page.