Composting and Food Waste Collection

With your help, HSU is keeping over 150 tons of food waster out of the landfill each year! There are now even more food waste collection containers conveniently located on campus:

  • At the entrance to the Depot and inside the Depot
  • On the University Center Quad 
  • Main entrance to the library 
  • Main entrance to South Campus Marketplace 
  • At the main entrance to BSS
  • In the red barrels for all aparments and residence halls except Redwood, Sunset, and the Canyon Complex

All these containers accept biodegradable materials appropriate for cold composting. Please no dairy or meat in these containers but they do accept coffee gounds, soiled paper products, eggshells, fruits, vegetables, legumes, and grains. 

Of this organic waste 8,000 pounds stays on campus and is composted by WRRAP to produce soil amendment for the campus grounds and CCAT. The remainder of the biogenic waste produced on campus resides in an in-vessel composting system before it is taken to a vermi-composting operation off campus.