Electric Vehicle Charging

Find charging locations on campus and in the community.

Campus EV Charging >>>

Charging stations are a simple way to “top-off” while on campus.There are ten, Level 2 electric vehicl chargers in the G12 parking lot on campus, and one Level 2 charger in front of the Schatz Energy Research Center. To use the chargers, you will need a ChargePoint account. Set up your account and learn about campus EV charging regulations here. Chargers are available on a first-come-first-served basis.

Cal Poly Humboldt is committed to supporting Electric Vehicles as a sustainable transportation option for our campus community, as they help to reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions and improve ambient air quality. The University provides employees, students, a

Public EV Charging Stations >>>

The Redwood Coast Energy Authority and local City governments like Arcata operate many of the charging stations in Humboldt County (also using ChargePoint). See this map to find their locations.

Picture of a map of public electric vehicle charging locations around the Humboldt Bay