Sustainability: Waste Diversion

Waste Diversion

HSU is committed to zero waste, a strategy that takes a ‘whole systems’ approach to products, services and processes, to eliminate the volume and toxicity of waste, to conserve and recover resources, and to not burn or bury them.  Zero waste encourages the redesign of resource lifecycles, so that all materials can be reused, returned, or recycled. Although recycling and organics diversion are critical components to a campus’ zero waste program, emphasis is placed on source reduction and re-use, as per the Zero Waste Hierarchy:

Zero Waste Principles, inverted pyramid (refuse, reduce, reuse/return, recycle, responsible disposal)

HSU Recycling & Waste Minimization Guides:

Videos on Recycling

Here are two Humboldt State student productions highlighting waste diversion on campus: 


Our food waste diversion program at HSU can be understood via the following diagram:

Diagram of the Food Waste Recovery System at Humboldt State University