Sustainability: Waste Diversion

Cal Poly Humboldt is Zero Waste Certified!

The Post-Landfill Action Network (PLAN) has recognized Cal Poly Humboldt with a bronze Zero Waste Certification, placing us third out of the top 10 Zero Waste Campuses of 2023! See this article for details.

This certification is the result of a holistic assessment called Atlas, which analyzed Humboldt's capacity to achieve zero waste, highlighting areas where the campus can improve its materials management infrastructure, policies and communications. See Humboldt's Atlas Scorecard, or download the complete Cal Poly Humboldt Atlas Zero Waste Assessment report. Cal Poly Humboldt has been a member of PLAN since 2022.


The Post-Landfill Action Network as recognized Cal Poly Humboldt with a Zero Waste Certification


What is Zero Waste?

Humboldt is committed to Zero Waste, a strategy that takes a ‘whole systems’ approach to products, services and processes, to eliminate the volume and toxicity of waste, to conserve and recover resources, and to not burn or bury them.  Zero waste encourages the redesign of resource lifecycles, so that all materials can be reused, returned, or recycled. Although recycling and organics diversion are critical components to a campus’ zero waste program, emphasis is placed on source reduction and re-use, as per the Zero Waste Hierarchy:

Zero Waste Principles, inverted pyramid (refuse, reduce, reuse/return, recycle, responsible disposal)

Test Your Waste Sorting IQ!

How well do you know your waste? Take this two-minute quiz and become a waste reduction champion! Go for the win, use the right bin!

Humboldt Recycling & Waste Minimization Guides:

Campus Re-use Programs:

  • Reusable Office Supply Exchange (ROSE): student-run store on campus. Donate or find FREE, lightly used classroom, art & office supplies.
  • Oh SNAP! Food Pantry and Pop-up Thrift Store: Accepts and distributes donations of non-perishable food, household items and clothing.

Make Your Next Event Zero Waste Certified:

Event organizers across Cal Poly Humboldt are making their events zero waste! Download the Zero Waste Events Checklist for guidelines on how to get your next event Zero Waste Certified.

>>> Zero Waste Events Certification Checklist

Get your next event Zero Waste Certified and you will receive:

  • Free consultation on how to integrate zero waste into your event
  • Zero Waste Certified Event logo to add to your event promotions and to display at your event
  • Recognition in campus-wide announcements and social media 

Zero Waste Events Certification Logo

Check Out These Waste Reduction Videos: 

Here are two Humboldt student productions highlighting waste diversion on campus: 

 Learn More About Our Zero Waste Initiatives: