Sustainable Dining

When selecting a food service vendor in fall of 2021, the following criteria were scored and influenced bidder selection:

Group 4: Sustainability & Carbon Footprint
4.1 If your company has sustainability goals or a sustainability report publicly available, then upload file.
4.2 If your company has a public commitment to reducing either absolute emissions and/or carbon intensity, then please describe your commitment.
4.3 Describe how your company measures its carbon footprint.
4.4 If your company’s carbon footprint is publicly disclosed, upload that disclosure file.
4.5 If your company mandates and documents according to a publicly-recognized energy reduction program, please name that program (e.g. ISO, EnergyStar).
4.6 Indicate if your company’s fleet, heavy-or-light duty vehicles, on-site generation and/or operational equipment use any of the following:
4.7 List any targets for post-consumer recycled content.
4.8 List practices around reducing solid waste (end of shelf life management in keeping materials out of landfills).
4.9 Provide examples of training and programs discouraging waste.
4.10 List philosophy of sustainable food procurement such as humanely raised proteins, sustainable seafood, fair trade, etc.
4.11 List practices for food security, food waste, and campus food systems in line with CSU’s Basic Needs Program.
4.12 Explain sustainability practices around packaging and distribution efficiency.
4.13 Describe your future commitments to sustainability.


The selected vendor, Chartwells, also provides this website with more information on their sustainability philosophies:


Last, the company is contractually obligated to fulfill sustainability criteria and key performance indicators, which in 2022 were:

image shows a picture of a table indicating AASHE STARS improvement and local sourcing targets are key performance indicators for Chartwells.