Sustainable Transportation Committee

A robust sustainable transportation program can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants, save campus users money and time, and provide healthy and safe alternatives to the single occupant vehicle. In Spring 2022 Cal Poly Humboldt President Tom Jackson and the University Senate authorized the establishment of the Sustainable Transportation Committee (STC). Its purpose is to assist the university in identifying and prioritizing opportunities to improve - and to reduce barriers to - the use of pedestrian, bicycling, transit and other non-single occupancy vehicle commute modes.

Photo of students commuting to campus by bicycle

STC Duties

  1. Develop a report of the campus’ transportation needs and recommendations to improve bicycle, pedestrian and transit commute mode share.

  2. Provide input to the development of a Transportation Demand Management (TDM) plan.

  3. Evaluate effectiveness of the campus’ TDM strategies through cost/benefit analysis and hourly utilization of various transportation modes.

  4. Identify and recommend TDM strategies to prioritize campus investment and help request/seek funding for those strategies.

  5. Use campus transportation performance data to recommend new programs and/or changes in strategy.

  6. Assist in determining the need for the construction of new parking assets or improvement of existing parking assets.

  7. In the event the campus seeks new parking improvements and/or facilities, provide a letter to confirm the recommendations of the STC.


Ad hoc administrative committee reporting to the President


  • Chairperson: Sustainability Director or Designee; Ex Officio, indefinite term
  • Associated Students appointments: two students, 1-year term
  • University Senate appointments: two faculty members, 2-year term
  • Staff Council appointments: two non-MPP staff members, 2-year term
  • Ex Officio: Director of Planning & Design and Parking Coordinator, indefinite term
  • CSU Chancellor's Office representative: non-voting member, indefinite term
  • Local Transportation Agency representative: non-voting member, indefinite term 

For More Information

Read the STC Annual Report.

For more information on this committee, how to join it, or when it meets, please contact