University Sports Facilities Scheduling Advisory Committee

Charge: To oversee administration of usage and scheduling policies for the University's sports facilities so as to ensure University programs and sponsored events are properly accommodated. 


Position Name Term
Kinesiology & Recreation Administration  Rock Braithwaite  
Associate Vice President, Facilities Management Traci Ferdolgae  
Director, Academic Resources  Volga Koval  
Director, Athletics Dan Collen  
Executive Director, University Center Dave Nakamura  
Director, Recreational Sports & Intramurals  Jan Henry   
Director, Contracts, Procurement & Risk Management  Tawny Fleming  
Director, Housing  Steve St. Onge  
University Grounds Manager  TallChief Comet  
Faculty Representative as Appointed by the University Senate Tony Silvaggio  
Student Representative as Appointed by the Associated Students Maddison Kirkpatrick   

Reports to:

  • Vice President, Administrative Affairs 

Term & Appointment:

  • Annually

Meeting Schedule:

  • Once per semester with additional meetings as determined by the Chair
  • A subset of this Committee meets monthly with facilitiy users to review usage requests and scheduling

Agendas & Meeting Minutes