Sustainability: Alternative Transportation

Alternative Transportation

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  • Bus Pass: Utilize the HSU Jack Pass program by simply swiping your student ID card. Faculty & Staff may purchase a pass for $60 during the semester.
  • Bike Maintenance: The Bicycle Learning Center is a volunteer-run bike shop and club. They provide tools, books, and knowledge to help you learn how to repair and maintain your bike.
  • Keep your bike safe! Just like on other campuses, bike theft happens at HSU. Check out these bike theft prevention tips.
  • Car share: Zipcar gives you self-service access to cars 24/7, with low hourly and daily rates that include gas and insurance. 
  • Carpool: With Zimride, you can find Humboldt State friends, classmates, and coworkers going the same way you are. With the HSU Carpool Incentive Program, receive a Carpool Preferential Parking Permit for the day.
  • Travel out of town during breaks: The Homeward Bound Bus Charter Program provides students with discounted round-trip transportation from Arcata directly to San Francisco or Los Angeles.
  • See the HSU Commuter Survey Report to better understand student and employee transportation choices, the contribution of commuter greenhouse gas emissions to HSU's carbon footprint, and initiatives to increase the use of alternative transportation.  

And, check out this film about alternative transportation options at HSU, made by students in FILM 477 in Fall 2017 [Note: Zagster Bike Share went out of business in 2020 and removed their bikes and stations from campus].

 Students on bikes

Two students on bikes at HSU.