Sustainability: In the Classroom

Sustainability in the Classroom

Humboldt is focused on preparing its students to pursue social justice, promote environmental responsibility, and improve economic conditions in their workplaces and communities. As such, check out these resources that explain how Humboldt is integrating sustainability into the classroom.

Sustainability Course Listings

The Humboldt course catalog includes graphic indicators with relevant course descriptions to indicate whether courses are focused (indicated by a pair of dark leaves) or related (indicated with a pair of light leaves) on dimensions of sustainability. See the Humboldt Catalog for details.

Course designation icons- dark leaves (focused) or light leaves (related)

Psychology for Sustainability, student in hammock with book

Presentations by Local Sustainability Practitioners

Interested in having a campus sustainability coordinator come to your classroom?

Interested in having a local sustainability practitioner come to your classroom? 

 Contact the Office of Sustainability for details!

Climate Change film

Projects & Documents Database

Review the Sustainability Projects Database that is a compiled archive of final projects from students in the Environmental Studies and Environmental Science and Management capstone courses.

Appropedia, founded by Environmental Resources Engineering Lecturer Lonny Grafman, is a site listing collaborative solutions in sustainability, poverty reduction, and international development through the use of sustainability principles and appropriate technology. Use the site to find student projects from ERE 305 and other courses. 

Lonny Grafman's class at work