Sustainability: The Humboldt Pledge

The Graduation Pledge

The Graduation Pledge of Social and Environmental Responsibility is a campus tradition that started at Humboldt in 1987 and has since spread to campuses around the world. Click this link to read more about the graduation pledge.

The Humboldt Pledge

While the campus community was proud of the impact and enthusiasm born from the Graduation Pledge, students felt they didn’t want to wait for graduation to be thinking about ways to make a positive impact. Out of this sentiment, the Humboldt Pledge was born. The Humboldt Pledge is a simple reminder that students, faculty, staff and alumni have the power to build our campus into one that we’re all are proud of. The Humboldt Pledge is represented by a yellow ribbon, meant to be worn proudly. It is an opportunity for students and faculty to connect with one another and share ideas on how we can make our campus more environmentally friendly and socially aware. When your graduation day arrives, transfer your yellow ribbon onto your gown to compliment your classic green Graduation Pledge ribbon.

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"I pledge, as an Humboldt community member, to discover the social and environmental consequences of my choices and I will engage in positive change on our campus and in our community."

Humboldt Pledge, Lisa Rossbacher and students