Sustainability: Student Resources

Student Resources

Check out these resources that will help students navigate Humboldt and become engaged in sustainability programs, clubs, initiatives, courses and more!

  • Guide to Sustainability for Students: This is an outreach tool that highlights major resources and campaigns that the Office of Sustainability would like students to be aware of during their time at Humboldt!
  • Zero Waste Guide: Wondering how to go zero waste while a student at Humboldt? Download this infographic for detailed information of how to dispose of materials responsibly at Humboldt. 
  • Zero Waste Event Checklist and protocols: Holding an event at Humboldt and need help making it zero waste? Check out this resource for help!
  • Virtual Green Room: This webpage demonstrates a ton of steps that Humboldt residents can take to lessen their environmental footprint while living at Humboldt.
  • Green Room Certification (applicable to Humboldt students who live in Residence Halls)
  • Get involved! (Clubs & Activities): Check out the list of diverse clubs that do work on sustainability topics and consider joining one!
  • ESM 482 internships: Students may earn course credit for working directly with Office of Sustainability Staff in a number of capacities. If interested in this opportunity, contact staff directly about current projects and enrollment information (such as to receive section and permission numbers). For more information, read this Intern Guidebook.
  • Waste Reduction & Resource Awareness Group (WRRAP): This student group facilitates education regarding waste reduction and resource consumption and empowers the Humboldt community to engage in zero waste principles. They are the Associated Students program behind Waste Reduction Education, the Compost Squad, the Reusable Office Supply Exchange (ROSE), Humboldt Takes Back the Tap, and Zero Waste.
  • Green Campus: This group works in partnership with Facilities Management to improve environmental sustainability In the areas of energy, water And municipal waste on campus through student-led projects.
  • Humboldt Energy Independence Fund (HEIF)The Humboldt Energy Independence Fund is a student-run organization that focuses on creating a more sustainable campus by implementing projects inspired from student ideas. 
  • Campus Center for Appropriate Technology (CCAT)The Campus Center for Appropriate Technology is student managed, student funded live-in demonstration home for appropriate technology. Motivated by an ethic of “education by example,” CCAT offers tours, workshops, and opportunities for hands-on involvement to university students and the general public. 
  • Classes: Want to take courses focused on or related to sustainability at Humboldt? Check out the links below that show course names that fall into this category, as designated in the bulleted year. 
  • Project & Document Database: This is a searchable database that includes student projects developed by ENVS classes and documents from Office of Sustainability projects and internships.  Search out your areas of interest or send us your documents to add to the database.
  • STARSSTARS is a transparent, self-reporting framework for colleges and universities to measure their sustainability performance. Read the most recent Humboldt STARS report here, or learn more about the STARS process at Humboldt here


AS Vice President speaks on the quad to peers 

Climate March

Photo of WRRAP students at waste bins 

Photo: Why do Cal Poly Humboldt Students choose this school? Environment