Sustainability: News & Events

News & Events

We invite you to explore sustainability happenings at Humboldt! 

Check out Humboldt Sustainability in the news.

Check out upcoming sustainability related events on the Sustainability Events Calendar below.

Sustainable Future Speakers Series

Check out the Sustainable Futures Speakers Series, which was established in September 2005.

The Speaker Series is intended to stimulate cross-disciplinary discussion, debate and collaboration around issues related to energy, the environment, and society. All members of the Humboldt community and the general public are welcome to attend these presentations. Click on video link below to watch a sample talk from this series.


Look for this logo on different campus websites. Once you find it:

  • Click here
  • You will be brought to a google form specific to that Bigfoot Image
  • Complete the Form
  • Find 12 to get the prize (there are 15 in total)