Sustainability: Green Funds & Investments

Green Investment

Humboldt has greened up its investment, taking a leadership role in higher education by further divesting from fossil fuels and adopting a broad definition of socially concerning sectors to be avoided. Unlike many universities, the Humboldt Advancement Foundation does not include direct investments in concerning sectors such as fossil fuels. And recently, Humboldt joined a small group of institutions nationwide that are looking beyond their direct investments to focus on the more difficult challenge of addressing concerning sectors in mutual funds.

The sectors Humboldt has chosen to avoid include those traditionally seen as socially concerning-- defense, alcohol, casinos, tobacco-- while the fossil fuel sector definition is much broader than is typical, including not only companies involved in extraction but those that sell energy, provide equipment, and support the industry through various services.

Learn more about Humboldt's responsible investment practices by watching the film below. 

Go Green Fund

A gift to the Go Green Fund supports young people who have a vision for a greener future and who have the knowledge, but not the tools, to make it a reality. This fund has been set up by the Humboldt Advancement Foundation to support programs and campus improvements that enhance the energy efficiency and environmental responsibility of the campus. Eventually, Humboldt hopes that money saved through efficiency projects will be reinvested into the fund. 

Go Green Fund infographic