Sustainability: Purchasing

Sustainable Purchasing

Humboldt participates in the Sustainable Auto-Sub program with Staples Business Advantage, which automatically selects environmentally preferred products for buyers when they are available. 

Contracts and Procurement at Humboldt provides sustainable procurement  and Buy-Recycled Guidelines for faculty and staff, while encouraging suppliers to include environmentally preferred products in their offerings.

Humboldt's 100% Recycled Paper Policy requires that all departments exclusively purchase chlorine free,100 percent post-consumer waste recycled office paper and/or paper made from 100 percent agricultural waste fiber (e.g., bagasse, a byproduct from sugarcane processing). This applies to letter sized general use white paper that is used in copiers and printers.

The University has also phased out the sale of disposable plastic water bottles on campus, making it the first public university in California to do so. Campus users can now find bottle filling stations across campus to refill re-usable water bottles.

In 2014, Humboldt banned plastic shopping bags on campus from the campus bookstore, campus marketplaces, and campus eateries.

Reusable Bags 

Hydration Station

Refillable Water bottles